Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jay Bonin Blogs Live From the Match

go knights!!! Great to be here at the world famous Marshall Chess Club to cheer on my team! Im sorry to say I dont have my sword and shield anymore because it got mistakenly thrown out, but its there in spirit. were long overdue to win the championship this year because were resilient. Heck, we made the playoffs after going a half point out of our first five matches. Everyone wrote us off. Everyone but the NY Knights. We scratched and clawed and fought our way back. We showed heart. We never gave up. And here we are again. The roster may have changed ,but the spirit remains. The chemistry is there. We are a team. We made the playoffs every year, reaching the finals against San Francisco. Were due. This is our year. Let the naysayers say what they want! but were gonna prevail. Go knights!!!

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