Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Action

It was quite an active and successful Labor Day weekend for participants in the USCL. The New York State Championship was shared by GM Joel Benjamin (NJ Knockouts) and IM Marc Esserman (Boston Blitz) who both scored an undefeated 5/6, drawing their individual encounter.

Shocking the world, however, was NY Knight board 4 NM Alex Ostrovskiy who took clear third with 4.5/6, losing only to Benjamin while drawing GM Mark Paragua and beating fellow Knight FM Alec Getz. As the highest scoring NY State resident (Benjamin is from NJ and Esserman is from MA), Alex is the 2010 New York State Champion! Knight legend IM Jay Bonin scored an undefeated 3.5/6 to tie for 7th.

Further from home, GM Pascal Charbonneau won the "Battle at the Border" tournament in Alberta, Canada with a 5.5/6 score, defeating world #15 GM Hikaru Nakamura (St. Louis Archbishops)!

Yours truly tied with IM Ilya Figler with 4.5/5 to win the Marshall Labor Day tournament.

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Anatoly said...

As Benjamin is from NJ now and Esserman is from MA; Ostrovskiy became the youngest ever New York State Champion at age 14 by beating the record of Jonathan Tisdall from 1973 by a year.
Also Knight is winning the third New York State Title in a row (Kacheishvili in 2009 and Lenderman in 2008, Fed was a Champ in 1992)