Saturday, September 3, 2011

Week 1: On the scoreboard

We defeated the Baltimore Kingfishers 2.5-1.5, led by victories on boards 1 and 4 from Giorgi and Justus. Fed was pressing all game against Enkhbat but took a draw on board 2 to clinch the match. Baltimore's lone win was scored against me on board 3, a smooth performance from Defibaugh. During last year's regular season, we lost so many close matches that getting one by a narrow margin was a good reminder that we can still be clutch.

Justus was first to finish, collecting a piece against Balasubramanian in a Philidor. Giorgi followed with a nice mating attack against Margvelashvili. Fed grabbed a space advantage in the opening and was always for choice until his pragmatic decision to draw. I was soundly outplayed by Defibaugh on board 3, who took control of a queenless middlegame and swapped to a rook and knight endgame that he converted without giving me any chances.

It's great to be bailed out by teammates but I'm still looking for my first win since the 2009 Finals!

We face the defending champion Nor'Easters on Tuesday. New England knocked us out of the playoffs last year but was nicked for its first ever loss by the Boston Blitz this week. Our match with them should be a dogfight.

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