Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Puzzles from the NY Knights first match of 2012, against the Manhattan Applesauce!
Our first match was tied, 2-2, with NY wins from GM Alex Lenderman and US Cadet Champion Michael Bodek on boards 2 and 3.
In all cases, the last move is given, and you are looking for a winning tactical idea.

1. GM Vladimir Romanenko vs GM Tamaz Gelashvili
white to move

2. GM Alex Lenderman vs. IM Lev Milman
white to move
3. Oleg Zaikov vs. Michael Bodek
24. Kd2
black to move

4. Nicolas Checa vs Alex King
13. Bxc4
black to move

5. Nicolas Checa vs. Alex King
14. Be2
black's strongest move is strangely quiet

6. Nicolas Checa vs. Alex King
23. Nd4
black to move and win

1. 29. Bg4! is best, as 29...Rxg4 30. e6! Qg7 31. Rf7 Qg8 32. Qe5! is crushing. This variation was spotted by Knights Assistant Manager Matt Herman; in actuality Romanenko played 29. Qc3.

2. 47. b5! works, since 47... Rxb5 48. Rxa2+ Kxa2 49. Nc3+ wins.

3. 24... Bc4 is winning, as moving the rook allows the devastating ...Qxb2

4. 13...Ndxe5! wins a pawn, since 14. fxe5 allows 14... Qh4+. 13... Ncxe5 also wins a pawn, but doesn't free the black queen so nicely.

5. Black's strongest is the amazing 14...Bb7, threatening to threaten ...Bxg2. After 15. fxe5 Nd4 16. Kf2 Nc2, black is winning the exchange.
14... Nd4 is also good, since 15. Bd1 Bb7 16. Kf2 is met with 16...Nc2 17. Bxc2 Ng4.

6. The game finished with 23... Rxe2 24. Nxe2 Qc6!

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