Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Vaseline Globes are Slippery!

Justus Williams

GM Tamaz Gelashvili

Isaac Barayev and GM Alex Lenderman

obligatory photo of Philadelphia Mastermind Jay Bonin!

Isaac's computer sucks, so he borrows mine.
We begin the game in our normal back room.

Alex plays the Sicilian for the first time!

nail biting action
After multiple disconnections, I insist everyone moves into the Marshall's office. Space is tight.

The Marshall office window: You can see Isaac's face, Tamaz's arms and yellow shirt, Justus, my arm, and the Game of the Century.

our admirable TD, Gregory Keenan, on the far left

b2 or b4?
Isaac played an interesting queen sac for a rook, piece, and pawn, but then hung a rook and (optimistically!) asked for takeback two. Justus played nicely to win. Alex chose the wrong square for his queen and lost a piece. Tamaz heroically won his rook endgame to draw the match. I got home at 1:15 and was at work, also heroically, by 7.

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